Синоним слова лайфхак в русском

синоним слова лайфхак в русском


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Giggle по-английски – «хихикать», «смеяться», или существительное «смешки», синоним слова laugh. "Stop giggling, it's not that funny." "I can't stop. It's so funny!"

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profound adjective (EXTREME) C2. felt or experienced very strongly or in an extreme way: His mother's death when he was aged six had a very profound effect on him. The invention of the contraceptive pill brought about profound changes in the lives of women.

issue noun [C] (PRODUCT) B2. a set of newspapers or magazines published at the same time or a single copy of a newspaper or magazine: There's an article on motorbikes in the latest /next issue. An old issue of "Homes and Gardens" lay on the table.

A1. to stop being alive, either suddenly or slowly: Twelve people died in the accident. She died of/from hunger / cancer /a heart attack /her injuries.

to believe someone or something to be, or think of him, her, or it as something: He is currently considered (to be) the best British athlete. We don't consider her to be right for the job. [ passive + obj + to infinitive ] It is considered bad manners in some cultures to speak with your mouth full of food.

report noun [C] (DESCRIPTION) A2 (also school report); (US also report card) a teacher's written statement to parents about a child's ability and performance at school. B1. a description of an event or situation: a news / weather report. a company's financial / annual report.


A The old man asked where was the nearest bus stop. В The old man asked a policeman where the nearest bus stop was. С The old man told a policeman where the nearest bus stop was. 13. The teacher said to us, ‘Be quiet, please.’ A The teacher asked us be quiet. В The teacher told us to be quiet. С The teacher said to us to be quiet. 14.

Messy – синоним слова untidy, по-русски – «неряшливый», «неопрятный». "Look how messy this floor is! I hope you're going to tidy it up!" "Ok, ok."


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